Here’s what you can learn from Squid Game to help you maneuver those office politics and support your professional growth.

Sugar Honeycombs cookies as represented by Ikarahma —

*Spoiler alerts below if you haven’t watched Squid Game*

If you have seen the Korean hit Squid Game on Netflix, it may resemble a bad office culture — possibly even…

Here’s how you can make one, too!

Screenshot of my TEDx Talk

Yes, I gave a TEDx Talk in 2020.

Yes, it was virtual.

No, it wasn’t easy.

How long did it take to record it? Four hours to record an almost five-minute talk…Four minutes and 55 seconds to be exact.

Did you hire someone to record it for you? No. My…

Dr. Cynthia J. Young

Cindy is the Founder/CEO of CJ Young Consulting, LLC, a knowledge management consulting firm, keynote speaker, TEDx speaker, HBR contributor, and Navy Veteran.

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